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Description of My Kyivstar (from google play)

Do you still think that changing the plan is hard, and you have to contact an operator to deactivate a service?

With the app, you can:

- find out about promotions and special offers;
- keep track of how many megabytes, minutes and SMS you have used;
- top up accounts without commission for yourself or your loved ones;
- change your plan yourself;
- activate useful services and deactivate the ones you don't need;
- analyze your expenses by categories or periods.

At that's not all! My Kyivstar is getting better with every update.

Have you found a bug in the app? Do you know which feature is missing in the program? We are looking forward to your letters: apps@kyivstar.net.

Version history My Kyivstar
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.43.2

1. Free online help is back in the app. Any questions? Consult the chatbot or reach out to the contact center.
2. The choice of the app theme has become clearer. Light or dark — choose yours.
3. We are constantly preparing new hot offers from partners for you. To get them, do not forget to update the app!
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.42.0
Happy Day for prepaid subscribers is back in the app! Activate a day of unlimited internet and on-net calls for 0 UAH every week.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.40.0
Up to 50% off your first 2 rides with Uklon. Look for the promo code in the application!
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.39.1
1. Personal offers are back on the main screen.
2. The“Parameters” section has been updated.
3. We fixed lots of bugs.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.38.0
We updated the greeting in the “Spaceship” game by adding a short instruction. Haven't played yet or haven't figured out what to do and where to tap? Please update the app to the latest version, and try it now.
The app is undergoing technical updates, so there may be glitches in the first few days of April. Give us some time, soon everything will be beautiful.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.34.0
1. The long-awaited dark theme is already in the app!
2. Optimized main scree loading time.
3. We slightly updated the design.
4. Several bugs were fixed.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.33.0
What's new in the release:
1. From now on, unless you create a nickname for a number, the numbers in your profile will be identified according to the names in your phone's contact list by default.
2. Colours and fonts were adjusted.
3. Lots of bugs were fixed.
To be continued!
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.32.0

What's new in the first 2021 release:
• now, if you want to switch to a new plan, we will show which of your services are incompatible with it and will be deactivated;
• the application is more stable, trust us, we have checked.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.29.0
What has changed in the latest release:
1. Just in case, we added the ability to get a QR code for your eSIM — hurry up to replace your physical SIM with a chip if your device allows it.
2. The “We are together” service was slightly fixed — select your important number and communicate free of charge, regardless of the amount in your account. But pay attention: this service is available only for prepaid subscribers.
3. We also updated the design of personal offers, because beauty matters.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.28.0
Wow-updates in the app!
1. Upgrade to eSIM — replace the old plastic card with a chip in a few clicks, if you smartphone supports eSIM.
2. “We are together” service — choose a Kyivstar number and communicate free of charge any time.
3. Access to the best films on Kyivstar TV — free for “My Kyivstar” users only.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.27.0
My Kyivstar never stops! What's new in the app:
- free access to the best movies on Kyivstar TV — wait for the new list of films every week;
- the application is now available for business subscribers;
- save your bank card details so you don't have to enter them every time you top up your account.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.26.1
Just a few reasons to update My Kyivstar:
1. “Happy Day” service: within 24 hours use mobile internet and call on-net at no cost.*
2. “Turbo Button” service: order 1000 MB without speed restrictions.
3. Save the card data after top-up, so as not to enter it every time.
4. Coming soon: the transition to eSIM in a few clicks.*
* — services are available only for prepaid subscribers
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.24.0
My Kyivstar gets better even when you don't notice it. We continue to polish existing features and fix bugs. Another improved version is already available for download
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.23.0
The work on the application is not limited to inventing new features. This time we focused on self-improvement and bug fixing. The improved version is already here, so hurry up to update the app, and then don't say we haven't told you
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.22.0

1. Forgot your access code? Don’t panic. Quickly reset it by an incoming call.
2. Сoming soon: a fantastic offer from Zakaz.ua! Top up your account with at least 100 UAH via Google Pay and get a discount on goods delivery.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.21.0
More abilities in the new version:
- transfer money from your number to other Kyivstar numbers (only for prepaid subscribers);
- get bonuses for topping up in the app;
- say goodbye to a few annoying mistakes.
Update My Kyivstar right now to check out all the improvements!
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.20.0
My Kyivstar starship never stops! What to expect from the fresh version:
- the app is more stable;
- do not miss the latest promotions with notifications about special offers;
- bonuses for top-up are coming soon.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.19.0
The next release is here! What's new:
- detailed information about “All together” plans are already in the app;
- you have more attempts for entering the access code but try to remember it! You can turn it off in Settings if needed;
- now you can delete numbers from your profile;
- top-up with Masterpass is no longer available. But you can use Google Pay instead.
More exciting updates are coming soon.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.18.0
1. Get guaranteed bonuses for the first install starting from 10 of July!
2. You can now disable the access code. Go to the "Settings" section and configure it for your comfort. You can reactivate the code later. Also, from now this code is not required when you install the app for the first time.
3. Fixed bugs that caused application freezes.
4. Coming soon: the detailed display of "All together" plans, you’ll be able to delete additional numbers from your profile.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.17.0
Rain or shine, My Kyivstar never stops updating! Meet the freshest release:
- new look of your plan details;
“My profile” with detailed information about your SIM card.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.16.1
We had noticed that the application was freezing while loading, so we fixed it in the unscheduled release. The new version is already here!
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.16.0
- everyone has been waiting for fresh and convenient widgets for Android, so here it is;
- activity history is updated every 5 minutes;
- animation in the “Services” section is no longer slowing down;
- we say goodbye to Masterpass: from 1st of July, this top-up method will be unavailable, Google Pay still there for you, as well as top-up by card without saving;
- native notifications about the new app versions for Android;
- faster app launch.

Update and check it out!
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.13.0
The next release cannot be stopped! In this episode:
- notifications about the app updates are now on the main screen;
- details of the “Perfect roaming” service remains in the app after activation;
- switching from a mobile number to a home internet personal account gets easier;
- as usual, some bugs were fixed.
Enjoy :)
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.12.0
1. Prepaid subscribers now can charge subscription fee manually! If the subscription fee has not been charged, you can do it with one tap in the application.
2. Access to the Kyivstar Community - if you have any questions, you can find the answer among our knowledge base.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.11.0
Hello everyone!

We've added a top-up method without saving a bank card, so you will be proposed to give access to your camera, so you can scan banking card.
Improved the operation of widgets and fixed many bugs. Also, we've analyzed your questions and added answers to them in the "Parameters" section.

Keep calm and stay healthy!
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.0.24
Fixed a lot of bugs
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.0.23
1. Now you can manage the number in the device remotely from your mobile phone, just add it to your My Kyivstar profile via PUK2.
2. Get special tariff offers!
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.0.22
Hello everyone! Welcome to the new release!
1. New version of activity filter, even more convenient and more beautiful.
2. We fixed some bugs, as we always do.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.0.21
Hello! We have some updates for you.
1. If you have any questions about Kyivstar services, ask them via chat. Open the "Options" section, go to the "Support" and select Viber, Telegram, or Messenger.
2. Voice help numbers are always at hand. Moreover, you can dial them for free even if you are roaming or calling from different networks.
3. We fixed the internet traffic in your tariff. Now you will see the remained amount in megabytes, the way it is stated in your starter pack.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.0.20
1. SMS code now is entering automatically.
2. A bit of Christmas mood has been added :)
3. More bugs are fixed.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 3.0.15
1. Details are added to the tariff plan description.
2. Complex services are implemented: now through the web site, but will be in the app soon.
3. Main menu updated.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.4.3
1. Details are added to the tariff plan description.
2. Complex services are implemented: now through the web site, but will be in the app soon.
3. Main menu updated.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.4.2
Bugfixing and perfomance improvement.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.4.1
Android 4.4 folks. Sorry about that annoying crash that was happening. This latest version should fix that issue
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.4.0
Thank you for your ratings and feedback. To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the Google Play regularly.
In this update:
- the users of Home Kyivstar service now have the opportunity to activate "All Together Game" tariff
- squashed a few minor bugs.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar
Fixed bug in widget.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.3.8
Thanks for using My Kyivstar! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the Google Play regularly. Just a minor release this time - we squashed a few bugs and made some performance tweaks
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.3.5
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.3.4
Bugfixing and perfomance improvement.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.3.1
Bugfix. Fixed widgets.
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.3.0
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.2.12
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.2.9
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.2.8
Added a brand new functionality of the automatic extracting the password from SMS at the login and at the money transfer
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.2.7
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.2.6
Widget bugfix
New in com.kyivstar.mykyivstar 2.2.3
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